Audrey Bragg Literacy Consultant


Cell:  (214) 215-3141

About Audrey Bragg

Audrey Bragg is an experienced classroom teacher who believes that learning occurs best in an environment where learners are both nurtured and challenged and where instruction is based on practices that are proven, authentic, and meaningful.  Audrey is, herself, an innate learner who constantly strives to increase her knowledge base and to refine her practice by taking her learning to an application level.  This makes her an especially effective trainer.  Whether working with teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, or parents, Audrey speaks from an informed stance based on 28 years of classroom and consulting experience, a factor which enables her audiences to more readily understand and appreciate the information she shares.

Audrey’s rich professional accomplishments include working with gifted and striving students, developing curriculum, designing and piloting innovative programs, serving as a demonstration teacher for effective classrooms, and co-authoring student materials for a commercial publisher.  As a consultant to many districts across Texas, Audrey works to design, deliver, and support the implementation of effective literacy programs and professional development efforts.  She is recognized as a highly effective change agent whose efforts stem from a sincere desire to help every student and every teacher reach his or her potential.



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